Vincent Toms

iOS programmer living in Boston MA.

Shave of the Day April 15th

This post is coming from a place of some personal confusion. My wife and I have been in Boston now since January. The city is great, but some sick animal decided to set off a bomb, at the 4 hour mark of the marathon, right at the finish line. This really disturbed me first off it is a new city, we have a little one on the way and now bombs are going off mere blocks from where we are starting put down roots. I will wrestle with this and should arrive at some conclusion in my mind. The political sewer talk is starting to appear, put that shit down for now let’s find the dirt bag that did this take care of them then you can bring up your horse dung.

Any way, yesterday was time for a shave. As I mentioned in passing before the wife is with child, as a part of this experience she is having all kinds of weird cravings. Most recently with the long awaited return of her appetite she has been eating grapefruit. I would say at least 1 a day on average. I have never been a big fan myself, but after being around it for these past few weeks I have started to really enjoy the smell. By chance TOBS which all of you who use a straight razor probably know and loved recently came out with a grapefruit scented cream. So last week while in NYC I went to Pastuer’s Pharmacy and picked up a can.

As of late I have been really putting an effort into working on my shaving. The razor is a Hart “not a replica” I picked up from Baxter of California a while back. This blade took a fair amount of work to get into a shave ready state and I feel like only now is it in good shape. It is not forgiving in the least and if you are unexperienced or just starting out do not try this razor. I am by no means an expert but I feel like I am getting much better. Where I have seen the biggest help is in my preparation. Before I would simply lather up and get to work, the result was lots of dragging of the blade a substantial amount of razor but and not much in the way of a good shave. Recently everyone has been spouting about using glycerin soap, I have yet to adopt this b/c I can’t get to the store to get milk let alone soap because of the traffic and the disruption in the city. However, I took a shower, washed my face while in there and got out and prepped my lather and went to work. I was able to accomplish two things in this shave. First I was able to trim my side burns into the shape I wanted. Before I had just cut them up to my ear now I was to get them to the jaw line and get a width that I liked. Then I was able really use the tip of the razor for some precision work without going into the side of my face. The square point is challenging to say the least and I feel like I was able to use it to my advantage. By no means am I an expert, but it certainly was much better.

Have a good night every one!